22. toukokuuta 2010

Wishful Makeup

   Cut my pantyhose right under the knee and turned them into bycykle pants. Thank´s, but I´m not the genious here. Got the idea from ELLE mag. Can´t load the pics now, cause someone has hidden the pipeline.
   Woke up one a em. Laid around for a while, hoping that Hugbut would swich the playstation controller to me. Didn´t get lucky. Threw him with a cussion, trying to get his attention. "Au! That hurt!" (Oh my gosh, it´s only a pillow, not a stone..) So, it didn´t help.
   Went to the kitchen. Put pink rubber glowes on and made the dishes aggressivly. Took a 50 min run. Got home swetty. Gave Hugbut a kiss. Felt better emediatly. Took a shower, put a flowerdress on combined with leopard patterned bycykle pants and a bowtie on my head and went to Kerttu to wash laundry and have lunch with Hugbut and Jason (pronounced french). The boys took the hamburger buffe and I took the chicken sallad. Lot of oil in the dressing.
   Came back home. Sulked a little. Got a massage. Felt better emediately. Had to let Hugbut to work. Felt like a part in me would explode soon. Tried to figure out how I would express it to Him. Watched Pretty in Pink from töllö. Had 4 cl wine and felt emediately better.
   It´s after seven. So save your lipgloss. Wishful makeup. Your not gonne get any today. Go to work Minna. Shoo! I´m propebly gonne be a virgin tomorrow.

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