4. toukokuuta 2010

The Makeup of the Maceup Artistst vs Pizza

Cut my hair yesterday. I feel like a boy now. It has been nearly six months since I´ve been to the hairdresser. So it was about time.

I´m the lazyest girl ever to take care of my hair. I love my hair and I like to keep it long. I´m a little afraid of the hairdressers though. I think they always cut it too short, but the truth is, they only cut as much they need to. If I´d cut it more often, they wouldn´t have to.

Hugbut had to rice up in the time of the rooster. Poor thing. He went to Helsinki for schooling. I woke up at eight, went to Plaza Hotel. Was supposed to work, but. God must love me. I was sent back home before I even got to change. It turned out they had messed up the shifts and called someone else there for emergency help. "Sure, I can go home. And you´re gonne pay me as well, of course," I said with I smart smile on my face.

Went to Stockmann, wondered around, went movie fishing, didn´t find any. Well, considered to buy Vicky Cristina Barcelona, but I did´t. Now I regret it, so I´ll maybe drop by later. Went mascara fishing. Found one. Max Factor has 2000 calories, but I prefered Maybellines Falls Lashes this time. I might want a pizza some day, U see.

Stood by the hairproduct shelf. Admired Paul Michells bottles. "Can I help U please?" "Yes please. I need a conditioner that gives volume." It turned out there´s no such thing. Not here anyway. I used to have that kind of a foam thought. But it was something regural and cheap.. And I felt fore something fancy today.

If U want to have a wealthy life, live like U were wealthy.

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