18. toukokuuta 2010

Bad Hairday,

... bad noseday, bad boobday.. This is definetily one of Those days when you just feel ugly. I look in the mirrow and back looks a girl in her mid twenties, with her nose swollen in the sun, dressed like a child, even when that´s not what she intended to do.
   And there´s nothing I could do about it. I have to be at work in 5 so I wont have time to change for the eleventh time! Usually a bigsized light grey t-shirt with rocking detailes combined with a grey clockskirt, beige leggins, golden socks and black Fred Perry shoes would be a fine combination. But not today. 
   A little make up might have done it. If only the rooster had kockood me up i bit earlier. At least I showed some respect for the environment and did a quick nose fix by putting some Second Skin foundation on my T-zone.
    And this hair! I´ve let the natural colour grow for more than a year now, and it has started to show results. I´m talking curls, baby. I didn´t even remember I had them! Uneven, uncontrollable curls, that make my hair look like dog´s furr. And combined with the swollen nose I look like a Saluki.
    Now, when I started. May I say a few about the rest. I would like to mention my lips, that are burned in the sun, give a Golden Globe to the scars in the corner of the mouth and rase a toast for using non-fitting bra so my boobies jump when I walk normally. Silly of me, when I thought I could return them. Of course you can´t return underware!! So now I wear them only because they are pretty and where more expensive than on average.
    Done. Long Live Nipoleon!

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