19. toukokuuta 2010

White Chicks

   Sunnyday. At elevenish Sis & Co picked me up to Ruissalo. We camped in the end of the beach and the ingeneur skilled boys build up a Ball Grill.
   It must have been a sight. Not many people had yet found their ways to the beach. Three white chicks and two pale brasilian guys, grilling beef and having cold beers under a tree, wich didn´t even have leaves yet. It was actually a bit chilli before noon and I had to ware Hugbuts shirt. But in the afternoon the sun started to warm us and parts of our paleness turned to redness.
    We even got a little shower, put the clouds continued their journey rapidly and the rest of the time the sky was almost cloudless. I hid behind my Audrey glasses, Max Mara, a gift from my dear friend Shirin who just went to London for the summer! when the crazy brasilians and their wifes jumped into the icecold water!!
    I want Audreys helmet.

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