15. helmikuuta 2011

Tooth ache

Sensodyne helps when ur teeth ache. But is there a medicine for heartache?
Even I´ve myself been somehow disgussed by my poetic, sensitive crapp for the last three-four weeks. I´ve had bad days and worse days, but even some okay-moments. On the worse momentos I´ve been feeling surprizingly poetic and wrougt down strange word that have described my feelings at the moment.

Yeah, I´ve been working on songs. Lyrics. And actually I remember I´ve done that in the past, I usually when something bad has happened. I don´t know how to write happy songs. Or maybe I just don´t want to express my happy feelings, cause I´m afraid I´m gonne scare them away.

Gosh...listen to urself. Who are u, Lord Byron?

As Don Juan de Marco says: There´s only four important questions in the world, (of wich I can recall only three.) 1. What is the soul made of? 2. What´s the only reason to live for? 3. What´s the only reason to dye for? They all have the same answer.


And love could also be the answer for my question in the beginning. What cures a broken heart?
(I know, I´m gonne puke now.)

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