11. helmikuuta 2011

She´s gonne hrow the bush away anyhow

   The difference between beeing a maid of honour and playing a restaurant chefe is not huge. This week has been stressful. No don´t surf away, I´m not gonne complain. Sure, I´m honored to be the maid of honour, and I´m honored to be that together with my little sister. "She´s doing all the work," mum wowed. And she´s right. She hand crafted both the wedding dress and the cake for crying out loud with roses of white and two shades of pink.
   What did I do? Well..I was supposed to order a nice flower bush. I don´t really know how it happened, but I went to the florist, picked a bush and left the florist 50 euros poorer and a check of 183 euros. The Bride wasn´t satisfied. "I see," she said, told me to lay low for a while and forget about the florist. She would handle her bush herself.
   And she´s gonne throw the bush away tomorrow anyway. And knowing my luck, I´m not gonne catch it this time, nevertheless last time I run away from it. (Flying flowers used to be very scary ones..)
   Speaking of bushes. There´s gonne be some serious brazilian waxing going on at the house of the coasts next week. I´ve been growing a lawn ever sinc I heard my sister married into the beauty business.
   However. We put together a nice and glammy henparty for the Bride to be a couple of years ago, they tried to get married in Brazil a couple of months after those, got married six months from that and now, two years from that, is finally the wedding party. Was about time! You say. But in South America you have this thing called "manana".
   Congratulations you..wish you all the happiness in the world <3

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