20. helmikuuta 2011

Höpöhöpö-man and Kitchen party

Does this weekend ever end?

While on sick leave, I´ve felt like a fish outside the aquarium. 
Got a piece of my voice back yesterday and desided to try something I hadn´t done before; go and meet someone to talk about God. But when he told me that there has been an interest for occultism in my famly tree, and that akupunktion is the devils way of treating muscle tensions, it all started to sound like non-sence to me. The author of the Bible must have been a genious.

The same night (when I was supposed to stay home, lay down and drink my cold season tea) I managed to invite myself to a couple of parties. Starting in Dynamo and ending up (walkin in -26 celsius) in the student village at the weirdest thing called the kitchen party. That is a group consisting of mostly spanish erasmus students playing a drinking game where ur not supposed to use the D-word. 

It got funnier, I was in a good girl-mood and desided to go home early. It was impossible to get a cab cause of the Pelle Miljoona-party at Caribia, the line was neverending. 
"Exquise me, where are u going?" a guy asked behind me. I turned around and saw a familiar face but I couln´t recognise it immediately. "H-street," I said. "But that´s by a walkin distance, I shall walk you there, It´s on my way to the centre," he said and then I figgered he was my gardian angle (a tutor of mine at confirmation school more than 10 years ago) and he walked me to my front door. 

...that wasn´t the end of the story. Stay too and I might tell how the rest of the night went. And it still isn´t over, muahahahahaa.. (evil, occultismic laughter of my great great granny)

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