22. helmikuuta 2011

I really wouln´t wanne dye ur seat

...so the weekend went on and on and on.. So the guardian angel walked me home and continued his way to town. I jumped up to the 6th floor with the elevator, changed my long stockings to a thicker pair and called a cab. Yeah, I wasn´t gonne stay home tonight and yeah, I wouldn´t walk longer than a few steps from my front door to the taxi seat.

I made my carorder, went downstairs. I waited and waited. At least eleventhy two cabs drew by but not a single one would stop. I went from frozen to pissed and called again. "Is it coming?" I asked. I was told that the weather and the Pelle Miljoona- consert affected to the waiting time, but that there was a car on it´s way.

I waited for another 15 minutes. I was getting uncomfortable. As long as I could feel my fingers, I called again." Excuse me, but it´s getting really cold out here," I said. "Yes I know," the customer service person said. "Oh no I meen REALLY uncomfy," I said trying to figger out how to say it pretty. "Have u ever waited for the taxi deep frozen and suddenly felt something warm wetting ur panties?"I said. The line went quiet for two seconds. "The car is moving, it should just have picced up the client," the customer service person said. "Well, it wasn´t me obviously. Can you tell how much longer I possibly have to wait? I wouldn´t wanne dye ur seat."

Finally it came. Wiuf! It was about time. I didn´t wine, cause who was there to blame really when no-one knew who the robber was? I meen someone had to have stolen my cab! Why should the customer get a free drink if he has dropped it on the table himself?

Got to my destination. And lucky me I found a lady diper in the hidden locker of my purse. God I´m clever.

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