18. helmikuuta 2011

Technical objects are evil

- Crappy sell
  it happened again. i was deleting old messages and suddenly the keyboard wont work. after a couple of *perkele* and shutting it down a few times I get somekind of reaktion. to take a trip or to get a new phone?

- Evil VHS
  technical objects do not like me. my roommate proves that without me even pushing the wrong button the mashine totally stopped working. "she´s on sick leave, i will certainly not show her any movies what so ever.." + *evil laughter*

- Retarded laptop
   my own ugly betty laptop is propably dead and it really hasn´t deserved a funeral.

- Less voice
  after the screaming race last night at work I lost my voice. cute with a big mouth.

- Work less
   I should have called it a day at a certain Point a while ago, and then lived with the fact that it has consequences. I haven´t quit yet, cause I´m afraid. Are the consequences gonne be good? One day I hope, but this train of misfortune has been going on for so long and I can´t see the end of it.

Order: Something good, please?

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