27. joulukuuta 2010

A Fat Cat and a Long Way to the Crapper.

   Made it home through the snowstorm yeasterday. Spent a couple of days at mum´s place in the countryside. Maybe someday I´ll spend it with my boyfriend.
   Neither of us didn´t get much sleep the day before christmas. Had a long conversation in the night. Recommend to get all the weight off ur shoulders before the holidays.
   In christmas morning, as last year, we changed presents, and opened them immediately of course. Hugbut wowed his leather manbag and hopefully likes the new hugo boss fragrance as well, as I admire my feminine DKNY watch. Didn´t wanne admit, that I´d had something more masculine on mind, but I wanted to keep this one, because the fact that he had picked it for me, makes it just a little more special. 
  On Christmas eve we dined too fast, as always. I had let the hungre grow from the last day, by having only peasoup even thogh I had been working out at the gym. It´s hard to eat slowly when ur to hungry to join the table conversation. And got to admit I was kind of sulking that, that even this year I was the only one without an avec on the party.
   U got to love Christmas, even though it´s over before u know it, and goes pretty much the same pattern year after year. But not every Christmas U see living candles in the tree or get to dig urself through the snowbank to the crapper in the middle of the night..and oh, the cat has becomen so fat.

Happy Holidays everyone <3

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The cat is not FAT!!

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